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Conventional belt


Product Name: Conventional belt-02

Release Date: 2017-01-10

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Description: Keywords: conventional weave belt, wire mesh, metal mesh, stainless steel mesh, chain mesh, honeycomb wire mesh

Product Details

Conventional weave belt consists of single directional spirals inter-woven into the preceding spirals. This weave is the most economical of all weaves and it can be made with either very large or small openings. This weave is frequently used for chain drive belting, and is commonly used for guards on machinery, or as a protective barrier. 


1) Low cost

2) Light weight

3) Creep to one direction can be avoided by changing spiral wounding direction with regular intervals.

Available Material:

1) Carbon Steel          

2) Galvanized            

3) SUS 201

4) AISI 314 (1150℃)    

5) SUS 310S (1090℃)    

6) SUH 330 (1150℃)

7) SUS 304 (870℃)    

8) super alloy Cr20Ni80 (1250℃)--electrical furnace wire

9) SUS 321 (750℃)    

10) SUS 410 (700℃)    

11) SUS 430 (700℃)

12) any metal material as you require

Typical Application:

1) petroleum    

2) chemical industry  

3) mine  

4) food industry  

5) paper making  

6) electronic industry  

7) environment protection

We can make conventional belt against your photo, drawing or sample.


If you have any interest in this type, please feel free to contact jerrylau008@163.com, or just call 0086-187-6231-1618.

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  Tel : 0086-187 6231 1618

 E-mail :jerry@meshbelt.cn    jerrylau008@163.com

Adress : Baisha Road, Daqiao Town, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou, Jiangsu, China (225211)

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