Jiangsu Huada Mesh Belt Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous manufacturers to produce wire mesh conveyor belt in mainland China.Our company offers various products containing 10 series and over 1000 types to fill the needs from customers of different industries,and we strictly enforce the quality standards of ISO9001 throughout entire production process,all of our products achieve top-grade level of the world.
As an International crack company,we will support the excellent products and most perfect after-service to all customers.
We’ve been the leading metal conveyor belt manufacturer for over 30 years.Our wire mesh conveyor belts and chain driven conveyor belts are used worldwide in industries such as solar-power,heat treating,metallurgy,food processing,glass,ceramics,automotive and more.All of our products are exported to clients from over 20 countries,the amount of overseas sales is up to 3 million USD a year.
Why us?
We’re a trusted factory,the price will be much lower than you sourcing from a trade company or an agent.
Our products are trusted,we never failed any foreign client since 1999,the year we began to export.
We’re trusted,over 30 years industry experience---we always provide you with the best solution to your application.
We’re pretty good at making the right belt for your specific needs.
Tight wire mesh for flexibility and conveying small parts;
Special smooth surface belts for easy accurate transfer;
Wire belts with large openings for easy flow of air or water and for simplified cleaning your product;
When you need conveying metal parts through cooper and aluminum brazing furnaces,
You come to us;
When you need conveying bronze and iron parts through sintering furnaces,
You come to us;
When you need transporting textiles and chemicals through oven dryers,
You come to us;
As well as applications those involve washing,annealing,quenching,polishing and food processing and more.
Contact us and visit us
If you are interested in any of our products,please feel free to contact us for further information.We look forward to cooperating with you in the future.
If you want to visit our factory,you’re so welcomed,please just contact Jerry by jerrylau008 163.com,he’ll pick you up at airport and drive you to our factory.
We’re looking forward your contact and visit!

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