Clinch edge type mesh belt



Clinch edge type mesh belt

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Product Details

Clinch edge mesh belt is mainly used for sintering furnace of powder metallurgy industry, can endure high temperature and heavy duty, the materials of AISI 314 and Cr20Ni80 are mostly used, which can stand 1250.


1) This type is mainly applied to sintering furnaces of powder metallurgy industry.

2) The wire diameter is wide, so that heavy load can be transported.

3) The wire material is heat resistant; the belts can be us at high temperature

4) Since the surface is flat and smooth, the belts can carry small items and unstable products

Typical Material:

1) AISI 314 (1150℃)

2) Super alloy Cr20Ni80 (1250℃)--electrical furnace wire

Typical Application:

1) sintering

2) annealing

3) brazing

4) firing

5) tempering

6) hardening

7) all kinds of powder metallurgy furnaces

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