Honeycomb conveyor belt



Honeycomb conveyor belt

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Product Details

Also known as honeycomb conveyor belt.

Flat wire belt is a straight-running belt with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Available in a wide variety of aperture configurations to suit applications as diverse as casting, baking, drainage and packing.
Flat wire belt is constructed from formed flat wire strips connected by cross rods running through the width of the mesh.
Rods are finished with either welded button edges or hooked edges
Strong, lightweight, positively driven belt.

A large open area makes this belt particularly suitable for processes such as washing, drying, cooling, and cooking.



1) The positive sprocket drive ensures stable running.

2) Large open area ensures high air permeability and dehydration capacity.

3) The belt can be easily washed.

4) Because the belt has smooth surface, it can carry unstable products.

Typical material:

1) SUS 304 (870°C)

2) SUS 321 (700°C)

3) SUS 310S (1090°C)

4) AISI 314 (1150°C)

5) SUS 316L (750°C)

6) Super alloy Cr20Ni80 (1250°C) electrical furnace wire

7) Various metal material as per your requirements

Typical applications:

1) Cooking

2) Heating

3) Transport

4) Drying

5) Cooling

6) Freezing

7) Washing

8) Baking

9) Weed clearing

10) Breading

11) Sorting

12) Packing

We can make flat wire belt against your photo, drawing or sample.

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