Flat flex belting for chocolate enorbing



Flat flex belting for chocolate enorbing

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Product Details

Flat flex conveyor belts have trusted performance especially in food industry.

With up to 86% open surface area, flat flex conveyor belts promote maximum flow through and are the proven solution for major processors.
Its design and clean in place capability make it even easier to keep your line hygienic, and with many wire diameters and pitches to choose from, you'll be able to find the right belt for your application.


1) Large open area up to 86%

2) Small transfers

3) Non-slip positive drive

4) Very low belt mass for improved operating efficiency

5) Accurate tracking

6) Hygienic design, easy to clean, clean-in-place capability

Typical materials:

1) AISI 314 (1150°C)

2) SUS 310S (1090°C)

3) SUH 330 (1150°C)

4) SUS 304 (870°C)

5) Super alloy Cr20Ni80 (1250°C)

6) Electrical furnace wire

7) SUS 321 (750°C)

8) SUS 410 (700°C)

9) SUS 430 (700°C)

10) Various metal materials as per your requirements

Typical applications:

1) Cooking

2) Heating

3) Cooling

4) Drying

5) Coating

6) Freezing

7) Enrobing

8) Frying

9) Baking

10) Dough rolling

11) Battering

12) Breading

13) Sterilization

14) Shrink-wrapping

15) Soldering

16) Shuttling

17) Turning

18) Side shifting

19) Collating

20) Crumbing

21) Searing

22) Glazing

23) Sieving

We can make flat flex belt against your photo, drawing or sample.

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