Beer pasteturizer belt



Beer pasteturizer belt

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Product Details

Wire ring belt also called eye-link conveyor belt or eye-flex belt.

Wire ring belt has almost limitless options and its configurations are custom designed to meet your requirements.
For product orientation, wire ring belt offers flights and side guards to meet all product handling needs.
Additionally, wire ring belt is available with multiple drive options including cage rollers, positive drive sprockets, and an optional chain edge drive for enhanced tracking and reliability.

Many elements of wire ring belt can be customized to suit each individual application, such as gap width and fixing method:

1) Normal gap

2) Ring

3) Spring

4) Distance sleeves

5) Underwelded wire

Optional features:

1) Side chains, hollow pin or loose link chain

2) Side guards

3) Cross flights

Typical material:

1) SUS 304 (870°C)

2) SUS 321 (700°C)

3) SUS 310S (1090°C)

4) AISI 314 (1150°C)

5) SUS 316L (750°C)

6) Various metal material as per your requirements

Typical applications:

1) Cooking

2) Heating

3) Cooling

4) Drying

5) Drainage

6) Freezing

7) Curing

8) Frying

9) Baking

10) Washing

11) Sorting

12) Dredging

13) Pasteurizing

14) Weed clearing

15) Loading

16) Elevating

17) De-elevating

18) Degreasing

19) Grading

We can make wire ring belt against your photo, drawing or sample.

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